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Sainik School Ghorakhal, arguably, the best amongst all the 24 Sainik Schools in the country now has a T-55 battle tank and two Howitzers adorning its campus. One of the school’s illustrious alumni Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia, the present Director General of Military Operations ‘inaugurated’ the tank which has been stationed on a specially erected platform. In addition to the battle tank, Gen Bhatia also inaugurated two Pack Howitzer “Indian Mountain guns” that have been placed majestically on the school parade ground on specially designed platforms. Speaking on the occasion, Gen Bhatia, who is also the Colonel of the elite Parachute Regiment said that he was proud to have been a part of this prestigious institution and he owed his success in his career to the school Golden Jubilee Tank Park SSGK ( (CLICK TO KNOW MORE)

Annual function 2014

Sainik School Ghorakhal, located near Nainital was established on 21 march 1966 on magnificent estate of Nawab of Rampur. The name 'Ghorakhal' relates the events in 1857 when a British General in a desperate bid to escape the revolutionaries of Awadh, strayed into this area and his horse while drinking water from nearby pond died, therefore the name Ghora (Horse) Khal (pond). The Ghorakhal estate was presented to General Wheeler in 1870 by the British Rulers. In 1921, then Nawab of Rampur, Maj Gen, His Highness, Alijah, Amirul Umrah, Nawab, Sir Syed Mohammed Hamid Ali, Khan Bahadur, purchased this Estate. After the abolition of the privy purses in post Independent India, the State Government (then Uttar Pradesh) purchased the Estate from the Nawab of Rampur in March 1964 and later Sainik School Ghorakhal was established on 21 March 1966 .

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School’s illustrious alumni Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia, Director General of Military Operations .....10 Feb 2014.(CLICK TO KNOW MORE)